Start Earning by Referring Your Friends

Join the CoinMarketMatch Partner Program and start earning by referring your friends and family to our platform! Help spread the word about our mission and get rewarded when they trade on our platform.

How does it work?

Referral programs are a great way to earn some extra income while sharing the products or services you love with your friends and family. At Referral Links, we take it one step further by rewarding you for every person you refer to our platform.

It's simple: just share your referral link with your network, and every time someone signs up using your link and completes a qualifying action, you'll receive a reward. The best part? There's no limit to how many people you can refer or how much you can earn.

Let's say you invite a friend to sign up for a new trading platform that offers a referral program with a 40-level structure. At level 1, you can earn 40% of your referral's trading commission, and this percentage decreases by 1% for each subsequent level, all the way down to level 40, where you can earn 1% of your referral's trading commission.

If your referral trades $1,000 and the trading commission fee is 1%, the commission fee they would pay is $10. If they are on your level 1, you would receive 40% of that $10, which would be $4. If they are on your level 2, you would receive 39% of $10, which would be $3.90, and so on.

As more people sign up through your referral link and the referral bonus system grows, your earnings can increase significantly, especially if you have many people on your higher levels.
So why not start earning while you share? Sign up for our referral program today and start building your network. With Referral Links, it's easy to earn rewards while spreading the word about the products and services you love.