Why is CoinMarketMatch the Best P2P Service?

Investing or conducting transactions in crypto is frowned upon and tagged risky by many countries, maybe because of its decentralized nature.

But many steps have been taken to ensure that these accusations are refuted. Thanks to technologies like blockchain, the cryptocurrency market is now more dependable and secure. P2P platforms showcase these transformations.

A top P2P exchange is user-friendly and integrates top security technologies to ensure users' assets are secured. For P2P services, you can easily sign up with CoinMarketMatch. a well-liked platform that incorporates each of these elements as well as many other top features.

If this is the first time you've heard of CoinMarketMatch, a premier P2P exchange platform you can rely on for P2P transactions, then you must continue reading to find out why they are the best.

What is CoinMarketMatch?

CoinMarketMatch is a certified peer-to-peer platform where you can link your crypto wallet and buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Developed by a skilled group of blockchain and smart contract specialists, CoinMarketMatch is a leading P2P platform.

Registered users can exchange cryptocurrencies privately with one another without an intermediary. The CoinMarketMatch P2P model enables users to transact with each other directly without using a go-between to keep funds or process transactions, as opposed to using an order book to pair buy and sell orders and manage the platform's assets.

To buy and sell on the P2P exchange CoinMarketMatch, you must first register and have your identity verified. The process of trading with other users only requires a few more clicks from there.

What Makes CoinMarketMatch a Top P2P Exchange?

CoinMarketMatch is one of the best P2P crypto exchanges for streamlining the transaction process. Plus, trading on CoinMarketMatch is safe and secure since the platform requires biometric data for users in the verification process.

The transaction fee for this platform range is friendly and it includes the most popular cryptos, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. The process of signing up is also pretty straightforward, but you must meet the mandatory ID requirements to become a user.

CoinMarketMatch allows you to browse through a wide range of traders and see what they can offer you. You don't have to lose custody of your funds, and you can look through different payment methods with varying transaction fees.


The exchange gives their users the flexibility to interact with one another directly to simplify the transaction. Other reasons why CoinMarketMatch the P2P platform you should consider are:

1. Flexible Payment Methods

The best thing about CoinMarketMatch peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges is that they offer a variety of payment options from which to choose, and the availability depends on the seller. In other words, there are no payment method limitations on CoinMarketMatch P2P cryptocurrency exchanges.

To give users flexibility in payment options, they supported a range of payment methods for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. You can use any form of payment that the seller accepts. The implication is that you can purchase crypto using checks, gift cards, or even digital payments.

2. Live Trade Chat

Before you complete any transaction, you can have a conversation with your trading counterparty. Clarify payment terms, follow up on pending transactions, or learn more about your trading partners. Sending files, messages, and other private information via this method is incredibly easy and secure.

3. Security

CoinMarketMatch P2P crypto exchanges are operating with advanced security systems significantly. Due to their third-party status, they are also much safer than the majority of trading platforms.

Most P2P cryptocurrency exchanges require an escrow system, which helps to protect all parties involved in the trade. Users don't have to worry about losing their cryptocurrency because they never give up custody because the digital assets aren't stored on the platform.

4. Lower Fees

Of course, all P2P crypto exchanges require a transaction fee for all trades, but CoinMarketMatch offers a much lower fee than many centralized and other decentralized crypto exchanges. You'll also find that these platforms only charge escrow fees since they have no intermediary.

5. Accessibility

CoinMarketMatch P2P crypto exchanges are more accessible than other trading platforms because they don't require users to have bank accounts. As a result, traders in underbanked regions can easily buy and sell crypto.

As long as you have internet access, a smartphone, and a risk appetite, you can send and receive crypto with no hassle.

6. Requires Know Your Customer (KYC)

By adhering to the "Know Your Customer" or "Know Your Client" (KYC) guidelines, P2P services make an effort to verify the identity and suitability of their users and manage the risks associated with maintaining a business relationship. 

Platforms like CoinMarketMatch only demand KYC for internal use, where we verify users to reduce platform risk. All information is anonymous and private. 

7. Escrow Service

CoinMarketMatch P2P offers escrow services to guarantee honest and ethical trading. When a buyer completes their order, they manage the seller's cryptocurrency as a temporary deposit until both parties confirm the transaction was successful. 

8. Customer Support  

If there is a problem with your P2P trading counterparty, CoinMarketMatch's customer support team will contact you via email so you can get assistance right away. Our customer service team will step in to mediate a resolution between the parties. 

9. Local and Global Marketplace

With support for more than 70 local currencies, CoinMarketMatch P2P offers a truly global trading experience in contrast to many other P2P platforms that concentrate on particular markets. While the global market is our primary focus, we also strive to serve local markets through multilingual customer service and support for regional payment providers.




P2P cryptocurrency exchanges allow peers to buy and sell digital currency without a third party, such as a bank, because users connect directly through a transparent process. The peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange network is a chain of computers, all of which must approve a cryptocurrency trade to prevent duplicating transactions. Options to buy cryptocurrency on the best P2P crypto exchanges are continually expanding.

Some P2P exchanges require both parties to send some collateral to an escrow contract to be released once the transaction is successful.

If there's a conflict, the exchange will compensate the affected party with the collateral. Other P2P exchanges only require the seller to send collateral which they'll receive again once the buyer confirms the transaction.


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