At CoinMarketMatch, we take the security of your cryptocurrency seriously

We've put up some guidelines that can assist you on your cryptocurrency journey to ensure that you stay safe on our platform. To learn how to trade cryptocurrency safely, continue reading.


Status of Verification

Examining a user's verification status is an efficient and practical technique for conducting safe and secure transactions. Therefore, our team carefully examines CoinMarketMatch's verification levels since the more confirmed users are, the more it suggests they are trustworthy and eager traders.

You can even stipulate when creating an offer that your trading partner must have their ID validated or provide their full name. But, of course, always verify that the person you're trading with has the same ID as the one you're transferring your money to if a trader's complete name is displayed.


Prerequisites for trading

When utilizing CoinMarketMatch, you can complete a few extra conditions and create an offer that guarantees your trade partner's ID is validated. CoinMarketMatch is only available to traders who are fully verified. All data collected will be kept confidential by CoinMarketMatch.

Positive comments

It's crucial to review user reviews before engaging in dealing with someone. Generally speaking, users with a lot of positive feedback are a solid sign. Who would criticize a partner who is quick and simple to trade with, after all? You may go one step further and examine what other people have said about a trader by looking at their bad feedback score.

Visit our Help Center article on Feedback and Reputation to learn more about feedback and how to examine another user's score.

Dependable users:

Remember that evaluating someone's reliability as a user is not limited to looking for good feedback. For example, a person with a corporate account, an ambassador for CoinMarketMatch, or a peer, will have gone through additional security checks. Additionally, these particular users acquired their rank by completing deals and following the CoinMarketMatch rules. These are how the badges appear:

The user's profile will contain these logos. In addition, when you view users' offers in the marketplace, you will notice that those with the badges mentioned above will also have the Trusted icon next to their usernames.


The proper way to chat

When you begin a talk with your trading partner, it's crucial to be formal and direct. This will ensure that the communication is limited to trading-related issues and make trading with your partner more effectively. First, however, we advise canceling the deal and contacting our Support Team if you encounter any issues. Tell them what happened and who your trading partner was, and be careful to provide details. Then, the next step is up to us.



A seller's BTC is placed in the CoinMarketMatch escrow mechanism after a trade has begun. Remember that after the BTC is in escrow, CoinMarketMatch doesn't hang onto it.

Consider escrow as a virtual lockbox where a reliable party stores the Bitcoin for both trading parties and restricts access until the payment has been received and verified. We strongly advise against going out of escrow because of this.

There is no assurance that your money will be secure when you trade outside of escrow on other messaging services. On the other hand, if something goes wrong while you deal on CoinMarketMatch, you may quickly open a dispute. When a dispute arises, our moderators will examine it and give the winning party the benefit of the doubt.

We advise you to open a dispute as soon as you get a message asking you to trade outside of escrow from someone posing as a moderator or a CoinMarketMatch employee. No moderator will ever request a transaction that is not escrow-protected.


Using two factors to authenticate (2FA)

Enabling 2FA on your account is a simple approach to safeguard yourself; it's the best way to confirm all your logins, transactions, send-outs, and withdrawals. This is your initial line of protection against anyone who isn't you. Additionally, you ought to enable your security questions and provide responses that are personal to you.

Visit our Help Center if you need assistance turning on 2FA.



You've undoubtedly heard a lot about disagreements by this point. Whenever you have a problem, the Dispute button will always assist you. Knowing when to do so can help you save time and money while protecting your financial interests.

To trade on CoinMarketMatch successfully, you must acquaint yourself with any safety advice we provide so you'll know when to seek a moderator's assistance.


Our priority is keeping you secure.

At CoinMarketMatch, we prioritize your safety above everything else. We'll exert every effort to ensure everyone can trade in a secure atmosphere. If you have any issues, you can always get in touch with our support team or check our systems' condition.

You can protect your finances and yourself by paying attention to these suggestions. These are excellent trading techniques that might advance your development as a trader.

So let's start trading now!



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